the quickest way to build a cyber security sales practice!



Companies without a cyber security sales practice risk missing out on a global market that continues to thrive. 


Cyber security-related spending is on track to surpass $133 billion in 2022, and the market has grown more than 30x over the last 13 years. [1]



Like a virtual CISO provides split-time resources to enterprise companies, go-cyber delivers cyber security selling, marketing and vendor expertise to IT channel partners, for a fixed monthly fee.


If you have a vision to build cyber security revenues in your existing client base but do not have enough cyber security selling skills in your team, you can avoid the risk of investing large upfront employee costs against zero sales pipeline by out-sourcing this skills gap to go-cyber.

go-cyber offers a unique proposition that helps you build a new sales practice, all the while developing your existing team to become self-sufficient.


The biggest issue facing your business is the risk of self-funding a cyber security sales team, without having any cyber security sales or pipeline to actually fund it.  A catch 22!

With go-cyber, one low monthly and all-inclusive fee is all you pay.


There's no payroll, no NICS, no healthcare, car or pension, no IT... there are no catches!


We are your outsourced cyber security sales machine.

Our service acts as the sales floor conduit between the gap of having no security sales team at all, and being active in a $133B revenue market.


We are a specialist sales, channel and marketing team, one that jump-starts your cyber security sales revenues. Our engagement with both your sales and marketing teams is key.

By understanding your clients' current situation, we advise and sell the best security vendors to address their security posture gap. We develop marketing ideas and collateral to fully support your new sales practice. 


Our single fee subscription model makes things simple. There are no extra costs, no payroll, expenses, pension, or healthcare, and this improves deal profitability.

If you have a vision to expand your business into cyber-security sales but have neither the time, funding or people available, we should talk.

If you've had enough of leaving money on a client's table because you don't have a fully functioning security sales team, we should meet soon! 


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