bored of the sales guy?

ask the techie!

Our turnkey service delivers an optional pre-sales technical capability that ensures your solution, brand and reputation is presented and protected with the technical requirements assured.
Prospective clients need the reassurance that your solution can deliver. Most times, in cyber security especially, a demonstration, proof of value or sand-boxed trial is a valid stage in the sales cycle.
Our technical consultants have the experience and real world deployment knowledge to show your solution in its best light.
With over 20 years network security, cyber security and web application firewall experience, our team is readied to demonstrate, highlight and technically confirm the benefits of your solution to the prospective clients. 
We are able to offer a wide-ranging pre-sales technical resource for emerging cyber security technologies.
Endpoint Detection and Remediation
Secure Access Service Edge
Email Compromise
Next Generation Firewalls
Next Generation Antivirus
Data Discovery and Security
Threat Intelligence
Dark Web Monitoring
Web Application Firewall
Runtime Application Self Protection
Our pre-sales engineers collaborate comprehensively with your technical experts and work alongside our sales and marketing function, acting as technical experts in client meetings.

Once they have determined and liaised with the vendor to approve the technical requirements that meet the prospect’s goals, they will coordinate the transition between the pre-sales specifications and the deployment and implementation once purchase orders have been accepted.
We also have a network of installation engineers available at very competitive rates.